Inauguration of the Seminary

Inauguration of the seminary

Historical   finds

2004 : Msgr. Cattenoz erects the Redemptoris Mater diocesan missionary seminary in the diocese of Avignon

2006 : installation of the seminary in a house of Chateauneuf de Gadagne

2015 : Beginning of the project of construction in the domain de Guerre

2017 : Installation of the seminary in the presbytery of Sorgues

October 4 2017 : Blessing of the first stone of the new seminary by pope Francis.

October 17 2018 : Laying the foundation stone

February 16 2020 : Msgr. Jean-Pierre Cattenoz  inaugurates  the new building of the Redemptoris Mater seminary.

"We wanted to build a seminary worth of He who is its Master: through an architecture that transpires beauty, divinity, man can naturally rediscover his true dimension in the heart of creation. We wanted this sign of the divine beauty to be accessible to all. The only material wealth is not enough to fill the heart of man, every man is thirsty for God. This is why I have wanted to build a “Redemptoris Mater “ seminary, beautiful and worthy, to form missionary priests ready to leave unto the ends of the earth, as well as to stay in our de-christianized territories.  We must not be afraid to find our Christian roots again, and to let them flourish in our disoriented world, God will do the rest.” Msgr. Jean- Pierre Cattenoz    Archbishop of Avignon

“This day has a special and eventful character, as this inauguration has an international dimension. I am very happy that this project has taken place in Sorgues. Right next to the temple of consumerism, this religious seminary is like a harbor of peace, opposing itself to the bright lights of the shopping center. Isolation was not therefore the main characteristic needed to find a site able to prepare missionaries for the whole world, ready to go unto the ends of the earth. Congratulations for this remarkable achievement that does honor to the city of Sorgues and to the Catholic Church.” Mr. Thierry Lagneau, mayor of Sorgues

You are welcome to come and visit this construction built on the historic site of the domain de Guerre.